The fictitious magazine of Zarfling Platoon, The Zarf contains interviews, comics, editorials, and reviews. All content are zarfisms, and all zarfisms are written by Travis Blair.

Zarfism (zarf-ism) noun. The product of a profoundly puerile pondering; stemming from seriously silly speculation.

Content created by our staff:

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The Zarf would not exist without:

Zoe Blair
Travis’ mom, Nana, & illustrator.

Logan Braman
Web guy, runner, & tech geek.

Travis is fortunate enough to have collaborated with many talented illustrators. Do look into work from the following:
David Buist, Flatt Bear, Angel Velasquez, Syrup Pirates, 4545 Creative, Mr. Yeti Labs, JA Parker, Pirate Mike, Aero_Zero, Bearman Cartoons, Black Mudpuppy, Bubble Fox, CAAATS!, Byron Rempel, City Folk, D. Bethel, Crunchy Bunches, Devil and Mr. Gandhi, Dust Bunny Mafia, Eline W, Evan Yeti, Flatland, The Hat and Fat, Nameless PCs, Off Season Comic, Picpak Dog, Purpleraj, Rain Dogs, Small Blue Yonder, Space Doxie, Space Pest Removal, Strangebeard, Super Smash Interweb, Untold Tales of Bigfoot, Vinnie the Vampire, Woohooligan!, & Zombie Boy.

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