Sep 14

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Interview with Pawel Miechowski of 11 Bit Studios

Anomaly: Warzone Earth, now available for the PlayStation 3, is a strategy/action hybrid game by 11 bit studios described as tactical offense. This requires some further questioning, soPawel Miechowski, Senior Writer for 11 Bit Studios, is being debriefed in order to gather more intelligence.

Travis Blair: Anomaly: Warzone Earth is now available for the PlayStation 3 in Europe. Congratulations on the release!

Pawel Miechowski: Hello! Yep, it’s out in Europe since 2 weeks and now being launched in America (USA, Canada and Mexico). It took sometime for our small team, but finally the game is on PlayStation3. Hope the PS3 fans can enjoy the game as much as gamers on other platforms, especially that there’s the local co-op mode on PS3.

Travis: Anomaly is described as tower offense. Your character also has special abilities at his disposal. As someone familiar with the tower defense formula, can you tell me how this works?

Pawel: It’s tower defense put on its head. Instead of defending towers, you fight stationary alien war machines, which have invaded Baghdad and Tokyo. First you create troops – you have 6 different units to choose from – and then you plan the tactics on so-called Tactical View. Later on, you can enter the troops menu or the Tac View any time (the time stops in the game so no need to hurry) to re-form the squad, buy new units, re-plan the strategy and so on. But this would be a raw strategy if we haven’t added the Commander guy and his abilities. You control the on-field Commander who’s equipped with Special Abilities to support the troops in the battle: heal them, cover with smoke screen, put a decoy and bomb enemies down with an airstrike. This gives a dynamic action to the game and in the end it’s a mixture of action and strategy. I believe it’s pretty original game, as we’d like the extraordinary gameplay to be our sign.

Travis: Anomaly is also available for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Are there any major differences between these versions, or do players get essentially the same experience no matter the platform?

Pawel: Mobile version for iOS and Android was made a bit later after PC/console version and it’s entirely different. We’ve made 15 new levels from the scratch so they fit well to the touch screen playing experience. There is no Commander in the mobile version because controlling him would eat all the fun from using abilities quickly and reacting to the battlefield situation.

Travis: The PlayStation 3 version comes with a local co-op mode. How does the experience differ from when you play the game alone? Which role do you prefer to play when playing co-op?

Pawel: The co-op mode is definitely more action-oriented that single player. There are two Commanders operating on the battlefield, they can boost abilities one of another to make them last longer and be more powerful. One’s responsible for planning strategy, the other is up to control the troops. It requires good communication between 2 players to efficiently kick the alien scum in the co-op mode. If they do communicate well, it’s a frantic paced fun.

Travis: What type of player would Anomaly appeal to most?

Pawel: Strategists and fans of original approach to gameplay, as Anomaly is some sort of its own kind. If you like indie games, then Anomaly is a good choice. If you like unusual strategy games, then it’s a good bet too.

Travis: I like that there is an alien invasion in such a place as Baghdad. Is there much of a story to the game, explaining how and when this occurs, or is the setting more just for the fun of setting up a tactical offensive against aliens in Tokyo?

Pawel: Yes, there is a solid story. Simple, yet well developed, I believe. It begins in 2018, when a huge alien space wreck collapses onto Earth splitting into two parts. One falls down on Baghdad, the other on Tokyo. Above each part a huge dome emerges and scientists call those Anomalies as no one knows what happened under the domes that separated everything under the dome from the outside world. You – as the Commander of 14th platoon – are sent on a mission to investigate.

Travis: When will Anomaly for the PS3 be available in North America? *

Pawel: It’s already out since Tuesday. Sorry for the delay comparing to European release!

Travis: Thank you for speaking with me, and thanks to 11 Bit Studios for bringing this game to the PS3!

Pawel: Thanks! Peace :)

* Anomaly: Warzone Earth took advantage of cover and concealment and then rushed into the US PSN store this Tuesday before the interview’s release! Expect our review of the game soon. Good luck to those participating in our Anomaly giveaway on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!