Dec 28

Creat Studios Developer Spotlight

We’re continuing with our focus on Creat Studios with a developer spotlight. For those that aren’t aware, Creat Studios has over 20 games on the PlayStation Network! They have also developed games for Xbox, Nintendo, and PC. We speak with Scott Hyman, Vice President of Publishing, to learn more.

Travis Blair: Thank you for agreeing to answer my questions! Could you tell me some about Creat Studios? Is the company now exclusive to PlayStation, or do you just prefer creating games for that platform?

Scott Hyman: We do love making games for PlayStation, and we’ve made more PSN titles than anyone else.  But we’re not exclusive to PlayStation.  We’ve made games for Nintendo DS, for PC, iPhone and Android.  But we are devoted to the PlayStation platform and will be in the foreseeable future.

Travis: It seems like with every new release you are trying something new. Are there any game genres that Creat Studios hasn’t tried yet that might be on a whiteboard of ideas?

Scott: I suppose we just like everything.  Our designers are proposing ideas in every genre all the time.  I’d love to take on a fighting game myself, but we’ll just have to see what makes sense to do next.

Travis: Games like SkyFighter and the upcoming Germinator feature motion controls. Do you develop a game and then consider how to implement additional features such as motion controls, or do you set out with the intention to make a game that takes advantage of certain features?

Scott: We set out to make fun games, period. We don’t take any kind of controller or specific feature into consideration at first, other than budget.  There’s a lot of talk in our halls about “but would that be fun?”  Once we think an idea would be enjoyable and we can afford to make it, the rest is worked out.

Travis: Some titles showcase some simple, yet unique character design, such as the rover in TerRover, and those little warring factions in Mushroom Wars. Who’s responsible for this, and when can we get some sweet PSN avatars based on your games?

Scott: That all starts with our designers.  The designer of Mushroom Wars came up with the concept while on anesthesia in the hospital.  (Really!)  Some character designs happen organically.  TerRover wasn’t conceived as a character-based game; it was just a vehicle-oriented platformer. But the more we progressed, the more personality came through in the rover and we ran with it.

Travis: Recent consoles like the Wii U and PS Vita offer a method of play where games can be played on both screens at once, or between the TV and the mobile device. What are your thoughts on the second screen becoming part of gaming, and has Creat Studios considered this in any way?

Scott: There’s no doubt that everything is going this way.  Many genres don’t naturally embrace it and others will go places we never imagined.  I’m excited to see what new genre emerges from the multi-screen experience.  I hope we can help pave that way.

Travis: You’ve undoubtedly received requests for your titles to be brought to the PS Vita. Any plans for any current or upcoming titles to come to the platform?

Scott: Yes, there are.  Next up is…. oh, wait.  I can’t announce anything just yet.  Sorry.  I can tell you that we’ve received a very large number of requests to bring Labyrinth Legends to Vita.  If people really want us to do it, they should follow us @Creat Studios and like us on Facebook and let us know.  We’ve done this sort of thing before.  Online multiplayer on Mushroom Wars and split-screen on Smash Cars were made because of fan demand.  We really do listen.

Travis: Creat Studios must not shy away from going back to previous titles to extend the life as Creat Studios games have already received some great DLC already. Might you have anything more planned for Mushroom Wars, Test Yourself, or others? Here’s my suggestion for TerRover DLC: The Mars Missions.

Scott: Oh, how I would *love* to make DLC for TerRover.  We’ve discussed it, but haven’t found the right fit just yet.  There is something on the way for Test Yourself, so stay tuned.

Travis: Thank you for giving some insight into Creat Studios, and I look forward to many more great games!

Scott: Thanks for asking!  We like talking about what we do because we’re so appreciative that people enjoy our games and let us do what we love.