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Dollar Shave Club Review

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I started shaving in the 8th grade. I’ve since used cheap razor blades, electric razors, fancy razor with spiffy features, and have dry shaved while deployed in the desert. I was given a subscription to Dollar Shave Club as a Christmas gift a couple months back, and decided to use this as an opportunity to review my first specific service.

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My first package came soon after I was told it was ordered. The next one arrived a month later – to the day. Four razor blades arrived in each, along with more in the initial shipment that I’ll discuss later. You can change the frequency to every other month if you don’t shave enough to go through a blade a week. I share my subscription with the lovely lady in my life, however, so it works out despite me shaving every other day. Note: I’d like to thank her here for being such a good sport, and allowing me to make her leg look hairy for the video. Men, you know you’ve found a gem when they laugh at your nonsense.

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Pricing Structure

I don’t know how much time I’ve spent comparing packs of blades, looking to save some change. Each time I need to buy some more, it becomes me comparing again to see what’s changed, deciding if it’s worth getting the cool razor that needs the high-tech expensive blades, or settling for the tiny guillotines in the bottom bin. At times, I’ve even come back with a set of blades that I thought matched my razor only to realize it belonged to the competitor. The middle option was chosen for me, with the mention that I could opt for the higher or lower option if I want. The price of the middle tier is reasonable, especially considering it’s always one less thing on my list for Target. I might even consider moving up at some point, knowing that it’s a standard price low enough that doesn’t rely on coupons or a special event in my life worthy of buying myself something nice.

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Blade Quality

The blades! This is what’s most important to many. The 4x is a fitting name for two reasons:
– It features four blades on the cartridge
– You get four cartridges

I use the top two in the set, and the Misses uses the bottom two. Hey, DSC – maybe you could include a set of two stickers each month, so people can put one on the top half and one on the bottom as a way to tell blades apart? I’ve not encountered any problems with these blades. They clean my mug just fine – they’re comfortable, and don’t leave my neck nicked when encountering unruly hairs growing different directions. She says the same about them, noting that she doesn’t have to make as many passes with these blades. You can learn more about the blades here.

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This is something I’ve come to enjoy. The first shipment came with a sample of shave butter with a coupon, and a booklet that is meant to be entertaining bathroom reading material. I liked the shave butter, but I’ve never been much for pampering myself with products. That, and I shave in the shower sometimes. Maybe if I used something like shave butter or aftershave for a while, I’d feel like I could land that interview or make that speech. I’m just more of a practical type. I will tell you one thing that I want to add to my subscription, however, and that’s One Wipe Charlies. They’re “buttwipes for men”, and they’re right up my alley (wait that didn’t sound right). My one complaint about the Dollar Shave Club service is with the monthly reading material. There’s not enough of it! This is a great addition to the service, and should be expanded. I’m not talking about a full-fledged magazine, just a beefed-up booklet. Add some comics (I know lots of good webcomic creators). Weird laws still on the books. Some little known facts that are sure to help us at dinner parties between drinks. And add more member bios. I think these are fun.

In conclusion, if you shave your face, know someone who shaves their legs, enjoy money, want to feel like you’re part of a club, and look forward to getting stuff in the mail that isn’t a bill, you should become a member of Dollar Shave Club.

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Reviewed on 11FEB15
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