Jan 15

Six Fun Pirate-Themed Webcomics

The following are six fun pirate-themed webcomics that you can read right now! There be no searchin’ required – just click the links found in the titles and comics. Now, on to the list!

CatBeard the Pirate
by Matt Nelson

by Chip Dunham

Pirate Club
by Derek Hunter
pirate club

Pirate Mike
by Brad Perri
pirate mike

by Jason Payne

by Kelly Tindall

I’ve found since compiling these, that the theme of pirates can be quite varied. Pirates have been portrayed in a comical way at least since the Peter Pan, the book by by J.M Barrie, I read as a kid waiting in the Disney Imagineering lot in Anaheim while my dad had a meeting with the executive types. Seeing all of these different takes on the pirate is a fun theme in webcomics.

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