Oct 15

Geeks – Q&A with Veronica Belmont

The geek is more prevalent in today’s society than ever before. I admit without hesitation that I am a geek in several regards, so I reached out to someone who has created a name for herself through her interests. Veronica Belmont has produced and hosted various shows and podcasts about such topics as technology, video games, gadgetry, and science fiction books. She is gamer, bookworm, and social networking fanatic, and is a great person to ask what it means to be a geek.

Travis Blair: How do you define “geek”?

Veronica Belmont: A geek is someone who is extremely passionate about a very specific subject or topic. You can be a video game geek, a food geek, a coffee geek… whatever gets you excited, you’re “geeking out” on it. That’s always been my thoughts, anyway!

Travis: To be called a geek was once an insult. What changed?

Veronica: We’re more exposed to niche subcultures now because of the Internet, and so people are discovering little pockets of geekdom that maybe they wouldn’t have known about before. Things like video games and comics are so much more mainstream these days, too. It’s easier to learn about and become passionate about things!

Travis: Has the mentality transcended the ages, or is the geek a relatively modern individual?

Veronica: Nah, geeks have always been around. Music geeks, art geeks… maybe they didn’t call themselves that, but that’s what they were.

Travis: You’re a fan of the video games. Is your husband also a gamer, or is your household gaming limited to online multiplayer?

Veronica: My husband is a gamer, but we don’t tend to play the same kinds of games. We fight over the Xbox, mostly.

Travis: What is something you’d admit about yourself that would cause even the geekiest out there to bow down before you?

Veronica: I’m a pretty open book online… I don’t know if there is anything that people would be surprised about at this point. I just got a Nintendo DS, and the Internet is currently teaching me about Pokémon. If I ever get stumped, I just ask Twitter and they tell me what I need to know!

* * *

Veronica can be found hosting the show Tekzilla, and more information about her current projects can be learned on Twitter or veronicabelmont.com.

Image credit: Veronica Belmont