Apr 13

Horrible Cereals

This medley pays tribute to a great webcomic, Crunchy Bunches! Antagonists in the “cereal-ized comic”, the Growlies really hate the namesake cereal and its mascot, Munchy. In an attempt to ruin Crunchy Bunches, the Growlies have released a line of horrible breakfast cereals meant to turn people away from the entire aisle. Stay tuned for a new entry each day this week, from six talented individuals!

Day 1: “Mucus Krisps”, by David Buist!

Mucus Krisps

Day 2: “Chunked Meaties”, by Ethan Kocak!

Chunked Meaties

Day 3: “Corn and Chocolate Nuggets”, by J.A. Parker!

corn and chocolate nuggets

Day 4: “Salmon O’s”, by Angel Velasquez!

Salmon Os

Day 5: “SGT Shard”, by wait – Scott Warren!?

SGT Shard

Day 6: “Feeties”, by Brad Perri!


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