Nov 14

If “There’s A Soldier In All Of Us”, Then Hear Me Out

Let me start by saying I’m pleased to see so much excitement for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and hope people are having a lot of fun with this much-anticipated video game. However, I watched the star-studded commercial for this game on Veteran’s Day, with 29 million hits on YouTube as of this writing, and would like to point out something in contrast to the celebrity hijinks for this blockbuster military FPS. There are veterans from various countries that have either served or are currently serving their countries, that have experienced actual war. These real-life experiences may have had an effect on them, which cannot be classified as a perk. An action-packed spot on TV full of leaping horses, remote control helicopters, zombies, and cameos from stars of super hero movies does a great job at showing off a product – entertainment. But this commercial, despite all of the allusions, does not show someone actually getting injured. The camera conveniently cuts away to avoid seeing any traumatic injuries. No one actually gets sniped from the staple of military shooters, the sniper rifle. The feeling of a round flying past your head is not expressed in this short commercial; the only shooting being that of special effects cameras.

I am not wishing violence be shown in a commercial, nor am I speaking out against the depiction shown in realistic shooters such as Black Ops 2. What I am asking is that all of those enjoying the game promoted in this commercial keep in mind that while we did just celebrate Veteran’s Day in the US on 11 November, there are still members of the military – from several countries – serving overseas right now. There are also veterans from several other wars and conflicts from years past. Video games are a great escape, and Call of Duty is no exception. With that being said, please take a moment to look at the links below to great causes, and let me know if I missed any. You might even notice that I’ve included one from the other Call of Duty developer.

Wounded Warrior Project

Call of Duty Endowment


Help For Heroes

Private Thought