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KeySmart Review

I’ll say keys have always been a sticking point for me. A means of carrying keys to several places becomes a way to hold additional useful things, and it all ends up as a mess of pointy things that don’t lay properly in a pocket. When I found out about the KeySmart, and how it can cleanly keep my keys together, my hopes were high that my issue would be resolved. After receiving the initial review product, then going to their website to buy more stuff, I can say with confidence that the KeySmart is definitely appreciated.
keysmart 4
I received the KeySmart, and sat down at my dining table with a penny. See, that’s the only tool you need to tighten up the screws that hold together the KeySmart. That, and a few minutes to put the KeySmart parts together to make a sort of key sandwich. Though the standard KeySmart is designed for four, I was able to squeeze in six keys (probably not recommended). You wouldn’t want to strain the screws that hold this together, because it would not be fun if your keys came apart because of an inadequate amount of threads holding everything together. I ended up buying the expansion pack, which can allow for many more keys and/or accessories. The image above is of the standard KeySmart; below, one with an expansion to allow for more.
keysmart 5
A bit of assembly is required, but as President Obama says, we are a “nation of tinkerers”. I had fun arranging my keys in just the right way best for my types of keys. Add a loop piece and you’re sacrificing a key slot, which also according to how particular you are, sway how you adjust your keys. Along with the loop piece and expansion pack, mine also contains a USB drive. I bought it when I decided that it’s just too useful to have one attached to my keys to not have one. There’s also other accessories for sale, like a bottle opener and a golf divot tool. Since this review is about the KeySmart alone, I will say that it by itself is an excellent addition to my every day life. The accessories are just icing on the cake. Using the USB drive takes up two slots – or spaces for whatever you choose – within the KeySmart. Each key being a slot, you have more consider when mixing things like long keys, USB drives that are two keys thick, and other assorted parts. Regardless of your arrangement, with the correct amount of tightness on the rubber washers between the screws and the plates, everything stays together in a slim form factor within your pocket.
Product Photography of KeySMart taken at Studio on April 04, 2014.


I thoroughly enjoy this product. So much so, that I ordered several more for coworkers as Christmas gifts in their favorite colors. I start my day driving to work without keys jangling in my pocket, getting hooked in the ring. I slide out my work key and start my day, never thinking about the various keys within my pocket. What used to be a mess of metal bits kept on a ring, is now two things – my car key, and a sleek product that contains all my needed keys to work and home. Along with this and other various accessories, there’s also other fun stuff on the site. Check it out! I’m impressed by what this company is doing.

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Five out of Five
Reviewed on 18NOV15
Provided by KeySmart