Dec 22

Labyrinth Legends Interview with Scott Hyman of Creat Studios

With some questions in mind about Labyrinth Legends, I decided to venture my way into the dungeons to find Scott Hyman, VP of Development, to inquire about Creat Studios’ upcoming PlayStation Network release.

Travis Blair: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about your upcoming release, Labyrinth Legends!

Scott Hyman: Thanks for having me. It’s always fun to chat about our games.

Travis: Could you tell me some about the game, and what inspired it? It may just be me, but I am reminded in some ways of Legend of Zelda, and even Bomberman.

Scott: The inspiration? I think we can go way, way back, all the way to Adventure on the Atari 2600. Zelda was certainly an influence. Even Gauntlet has some similarities.

Travis: What are the benefits to collecting the various stars, weapons and other items found throughout the game?

Scott: The most obvious benefit is to unlock additional levels. You’ll need to get enough stars in the early levels to be able to progress. Other than that, additional items offer protection, do more damage, open doors, etc.

Travis: Seeing that Labyrinth Legends combines hacking your way through dungeons and solving puzzles found throughout, how would you describe the difficulty?

Scott: The difficulty raises as they game progresses. The earliest levels are a combination of hack-n-slash fun and simple puzzles. But strategy and problem solving become far more important than effective button mashing later in the game.

Travis: Could you elaborate on the multiplayer experience?

Scott: The multiplayer experience is a bit separate, as it’s not campaign oriented. It’s more about surviving and beating your buddies on the couch senseless. You have to search for items or avoid monsters while also engaging your friends in combat. It’s mostly competitive, but there are cooperative elements.

Travis: Thanks again for answering some of my questions about Labyrinth Legends!

Scott: My pleasure. We hope everyone will let us know how they like the game. Follow us @CreatStudios, like us on to let us know what you think and maybe win some stuff, too.