Jan 03

Men’s Care Product Packaging Meeting

This is the conversation I am certain took place at a men’s care product meeting:

Boss: “OK, everyone, let’s see the new product line. This year is all about targeting the demographic.”


Boss: “Did we go with the gun metal color choice?”

Employee 1: “Oops.”


Boss: “Alright. Moving on. How about the bright red lettering?”

Employee 2: “Oh yeah. I meant to do that.”


Boss: “Really? How about the dot pattern we discussed. Is it to the left?”

Employee 3. “That was what we discussed, wasn’t it? Shoot.”


Boss: “Come on, now! Tell me you at least installed the pumps.”

Employee 4: “Uh oh.”


Boss: “People! I cannot believe this. Let me guess – the all-in-one advertising?”

Employee 5: “Body and face…hmm. I forgot to add those up, didn’t I?”


Boss: “Can I get some consistency!? ARGH!” <sigh>

Words and pictures by Travis Blair.