Dec 07

Mii Points – How Nintendo Switch Should Have Achievements

(Updated since the release of the Switch)
Nintendo gamers have been asking for a reward system since achievements on Xbox and trophies on PlayStation have become the norm. Though Nintendo’s Bill Trinen has spoken about achievements with some dissatisfaction as to how they function, he did also highlight how exclusives often do have their internal rewards to unlock. What Nintendo holds close is that games are to be enjoyed for being fun on their own. Rather than being seen just as a means of trophy hunting that could detract from the fun of the experience, however, the argument can be made that a reward system – if done right – would bring more enjoyment to the games. Worth noting, a patent was filed in 2015 for achievement recording and sharing. Plenty of exclusive games have their own reward systems. Third-party games are now made with systems to function within Xbox or Playstation, allowing players to earn their respective awards. So if Nintendo were to respond, how should they? I believe it would be with Mii Points. We know a paid version of the online service for Nintendo Switch will come this fall. Below is how Nintendo Mii Points could work in a way that would function with existing internal platforms, allow third-party games to work as they do on other systems, and wouldn’t simply be those scant Miiverse accomplishments or the stamps currently found in Nintendo Land and NES Remix. Mii Points would work with My Nintendo and Nintendo Network, to allow it to function between the Nintendo 3DS, the internet, and the Nintendo Switch.

Now – choose either The Mushroom Kingdom or Kingdom of Hyrule.

The Mushroom Kingdom Kingdom of Hyrule
8-bit-mario 8-bit-link

The Mushroom Kingdom

Yellow Coin Red Coin Blue Coin Green Coin
mario-coin-yellow mario-coin-red mario-blue-coin mario-coin-green

Earn coins to level up. Level up and earn Mii equipment from the following twelve characters!
Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Princess Daisy, Rosalina, Toadette, Wart, Bowswer, Wario, Waluigi

Kingdom of Hyrule

Green Rupee Blue Rupee Yellow Rupee Red Rupee
zelda-green-rupee zelda-blue-rupee zelda-yellow-rupee zelda-red-rupee

Earn rupees to level up. Level up and earn Mii equipment from the following twelve characters!
Link, Zelda, Impa, Lana, Sheik, Darunia, Midna, Tingle, Cia, Volgo, Wizzro, Ganondorf

Here’s how it looks now on My Nintendo. When logged in, Mii Points would be converted to either coins or rupees.

When logged in to My Nintendo, coins and rupees would be shown.

This existing system would be used to reflect earned Mii Points.

Players choose their kingdom, and Mii Points would be converted and level progression would be reflected. Earned coins/rupees would work in similar fashion to achievements and trophies. A third-party game would simply equate bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies to the four reward levels above. Earned Mii Points, as they do now, could be redeemed for rewards on My Nintendo.

Levels can be attained, unlocking rewards like Mii equipment for characters listed above. Did you choose The Mushroom Kingdom? Earn your rewards for gaining a level and hear the familiar power-up sound. Chose Kingdom of Hyrule? When you gain a level, you’ll hear that triumphant sound after discovering your rewards. Additional rewards could also be earned at milestone levels, unlocking 3DS themes (Switch themes, too?) and Mii equipment like that seen in Super Smash Bros 4 and Miitomo.

Existing games could receive updates to allow for Mii Points. All games currently reward players with points at My Nintendo, just for purchasing the game. Of course, updating exclusive games to allow for additional Mii Points would bring players back to those games.

Rewards such as what is currently on My Nintendo, would be featured in the eShop.

My Nintendo would be seamlessly integrated within Nintendo Network.

My Nintendo would be seamlessly integrated within Nintendo Network.

My Nintendo and Nintendo Network would be integrated, to allow players to redeem their coins and rupees in the eShop. Earned some points? Redeem them for a discount on a game you’ve been eyeing, just as you do now at My Nintendo. Purchase the game with the applied discount without leaving the eShop, with your Mii Points shown. Note: this would not affect the player’s earned level. Also, this would be in effect regardless of whether you paid for the upcoming online subscription service.

See where you’ve earned your Mii Points, which kingdom is currently in the lead, and where your Mii stands within your kingdom, with the Nintendo Network app on mobile devices and on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

What are your thoughts on Mii Points? Which kingdom would you choose? Do you think this would be a good addition to the upcoming online service? Find me on Twitter @zarf and let me know!