May 13

Mini Buddha Board Review

The Mini Buddha Board is a placid portrayal of peace that belongs on a desk amid the increasing diversity of digital doodads that vie for our attention. Nothing lights up, other than a thought you set onto the surface. There isn’t internal storage, just as the day’s events aren’t kept in the sky post sunset. Take this with you on your travels and rather than searching for WiFi hotspots and power outlets, seek a chair and a table to let your Buddha Board to become an outlet. Use water to “paint” what you see or what you think, and then let it disappear. This being a mini version of the original Buddha Board, it is not as robust in feature and is optimized for travel. Before I continue, let me tell you something: the Mini Buddha Board is not about updates, resolution, and battery life. It is about a clean slate, perspective, and being in the moment.

mini buddha board 3

The material of the Mini Buddha Board is such that when painted with water, will display your creation until evaporation commences. Your doodle, scribble, or whatever you put on the Board is then sent to the air, as if you have given your moments to a God of Tranquility. It is actually more akin to a canvas than a device. Since receiving it, though, I’ve kept it on the counter near my phone and counter. I have also taken it with me on a trip. This being a review of the Mini Buddha Board, I will highlight the features of the smaller version. The Original being 12″ x 9.5″, this Mini is a much smaller 5″ x 5″ square. Along with it being more compact, it folds within itself, with the cover to become the base. This base is also where the brush is kept. The hinge becomes the trough, where you pour a slight amount of clean water. The brush feels balanced, and not compromised in material. Speaking of the board material, I can attest to the durability. I have left the Mini Buddha Board in full sunlight to see how quickly my creation can vanish, and have seen my child saturate it after leaving their imagination in layers of water.

mini buddha board 2

The Mini Buddha Board comes in a small-profile box, that includes stickers. The base of the Board also has a small writing area, meant for a permanent note. This version in the Buddha Board series is meant to be given. Use one of the dozen stickers provided to adorn the case, and write a personal message inside on the base for the recipient to see when they open their Mini Buddha Board.

mini buddha board 1

Where you are sitting likely contains at least two modern devices, that request attention and contain a variety of functions. Your desk would benefit from a Mini Buddha Board. With its simple and calming purpose, this device could offer a counter to the everyday stresses in your life.

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Five out of Five
Reviewed on 13MAY15
Provided by Buddha Board