Feb 08

My Daughter and I Got Into a Sword Fight

She's red. I'm blue.

She’s red. I’m blue.

My daughter and I got into a sword fight. It all started when we became pirates. She was a noble pirate, fighting against me, known for my nefarious ways.
She picked up her sword and shield, and I took up arms in response. I swung my sword repeatedly! She blocked each strike with her shield. Offset from the last glancing blow, I was left vulnerable. She attacked, causing my weapon to be flung from my grasp! I clutched my shield, expecting a devastating overhead strike.
Excellent blocking skills!

Excellent blocking skills!

However, being the good pirate that she is, she recovered my sword and threw it my way. I grabbed for it and then recoiled, expecting a bite of foam – er – steel. She stood there. Her eyes were looking down at her hands. She dropped her weapons. Now would be my opportunity to retaliate, but something doesn’t seem right.

She muttered something illegible. Her hands started glowing (not really), as wind appeared to blow through her hair (also not really). She’s a fairy! I have gotten myself into a tangle with a fairy pirate. She shouted, “Apple fire power!”, and a force unbeknownst to me was conjured and cast my way.
Uh oh.

Uh oh.

My shield and spirit both broken, I yielded. “I win!” She said, and she picked up our foam toys. “Again!”

Words and pictures by Travis Blair.

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