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Nosy Bones: Brandon Zuern, Austin Books & Comics

Nosy Bones ABC 1
Nosy Bones is an interview game with questions chosen by a roll of dice! Five questions of a possible twenty come from the interrogatives What, When, Where, Why, and How. For this edition of the series, I speak with Brandon Zuern, store manager for Austin Books & Comics, Guzu Gallery, Outlaw Moon Games & Toys, and The Sidekick Store. Attention, geeks in Austin: you will find something fun on this block of North Lamar!

Travis Blair: Let’s see what you got here. So, first one is blue, and it is number four.
Every time you exhale, you sound like a musical instrument. What instrument is it?

Brandon Zuern: I’d like to say something cool, like a baritone or a saxophone, but, I hear myself as a kazoo. Totally

Travis: That’d actually be kinda fun. OK, so we’ve got the next one, which is green, and that’s number three:
When do you feel your best?

Brandon: I always feel my best after accomplishing something I’ve been working on for a while. Any time we do an event, it requires weeks, if not months of preparation, and throughout that time I am stressed and agonizing over making sure everything is right. When it does happen, even if everything doesn’t go perfectly, I’m always happy with how it turns out. I always feel good about – I feel best – at that point.

Travis: Good! An accomplishment, your own efforts going into something. Great, so the next one would be red, and that’s number four:
As ruler of the world, where would your throne be found?

bag of bones 1

The Bag of Bones containing the dice: What, When, Where, Why, & How.

Brandon: Las Vegas. On a pile of rubble. As flames, skulls, I mean – it would be a Conan book in modern day Las Vegas.

Travis: Ha! Cool.

Brandon: Terrible. If I ruled the world, I took it by force.

Travis: Oh yeah. So next one, yellow. And that’s number one.
Why are men usually hairier than women?

Brandon: (under breath) What kinda question is that? Um…we have testosterone – which betrays us later on! It just looks better – I dunno. OK, I’ll turn this to comics: the 70’s, Batman was drawn with a manly pelt of chest hair, by Neal Adams. I grew up with that. I was like, “Man, that’s really cool.”

Travis: I didn’t know that.

Brandon: Yeah, I mean, you look – any excuse they could get a shirt off of Batman in the 70’s, they did. Keep the cowl on! But the shirt was gone. He always had his hairy chest, and I thought – “Ha, that’s cool”.

Travis: Ha! I learned something new about Batman. Alright, so last one. White, number one.
How will we communicate in one hundred years?

Brandon: Without moving our lips, for sure. We won’t be looking at each other. We won’t even be in the same room. Just think space. You know, just beam our thoughts. If we’re even around a hundred years from now. I don’t even think we’ll be physical beings, or if so, barely. We’ll just be set up in our feeding tubes and –

Travis: – Plugged in, somehow?

Brandon: Plugged in, and then we’ll be avatars, that look nothing like we really do. It’ll all be very…Gibson, Gibson future.

Travis: Yeah? Interesting! Well, those are all the questions I have. Thanks a lot!

* * *

Austin Books & Comics is located at 5002 North Lamar Boulevard, Austin, TX. You can find their website here, and on find them on Twitter here.

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