Mar 16

Nosy Bones: Justin Pappas, Albino Lullaby

NB Albino Lullaby 2
Nosy Bones is an interview game with questions chosen by a roll of dice! Five questions of a possible twenty come from the interrogatives What, When, Where, Why, and How. For this edition of the series, I speak with Justin Pappas, founder of Ape Law and Creative Director for the horror exploration game Albino Lullaby. I met with Justin at the 2015 SXSW Gaming Expo, and asked the man behind the Oculus Rift ready game.

Travis Blair: OK, so I’m here at the Albino Lullaby booth at SXSW Gaming Expo 2015, with Justin Pappas, founder of Ape Law. I’m going to get the opportunity to ask him some questions with the roll of these dice, and find out his answers. So what we’re going to do – how are you doing, by the way? You got some coffee.

Justin Pappas: I’m OK! I finally found some coffee. I think I’m going to be alright.

Travis: Good. So OK, we’ve got these dice here. Now what we’re going to do, you’re going to roll these dice, and depending on the numbers, you’re going to have some questions.

Justin: Alright. Sweet looking dice.

Travis: Thanks. OK. Blue, number one:
You are part of a colony on Mars. What is your valuable skill?

Justin: I can breathe with little oxygen. So I’m a scout, on Mars, and I go out and I scout for life forms and sources of water. I’ve got a sweet gas mask and a pack on my back, and my Martian dog. We wander the wasteland, and look for opportunities.

Travis: That’s good! That’ll help. I could definitely see that as being a useful –

Justin: I think I should make a game about that!

Travis: That would be a good game! OK. Green, number four:

bag of bones 1

The Bag of Bones containing the dice: What, When, Where, Why, & How.

When in life have you felt most creative?

Justin: Oh my gosh, I guess when I was working on this game, to be honest. Yeah, I kinda just sat down and I just wrote, like I was writing a story, and it just sort of came out of nowhere. It was like I had a waking dream, and somehow it became a video game.

Travis: Nice, and this is definitely a fun game. Looks like a lot of creativity went into it.

Justin: Thanks. Aside from that, I guess the most I’ve ever felt creative was like playing with action figures when I was a kid. I dunno, I came up with some awesome storylines when I was a kid that I wish that I could make into movies or something.

Travis: Right? Well, who knows, nowadays you could make them into shorts on YouTube; there’s all sorts of things you could do.

Justin: I know – Machinima vidoes.

Travis: Yeah! Alright, so red, number two:
Aliens are coming to steal the world’s secrets. You have the hard drive. Where on Earth will you hide it?

Justin: Well, the polite answer would be, I’d swallow it. Yeah. I’d swallow it, and eventually just let the government cut me open to pull it out. I guess I wouldn’t really have much of a choice, anyway, would I?

Travis: Yeah, you’d be the tool at that point. OK, next – yellow, number four:
Why are love and hate both four-letter words?

Justin: Oh jeez, they’re both sides of the same coin, aren’t they? They’re sort of extremes of human passion and insanity. The things that we can control, and that control us – both of ’em.

Travis: Good answer. So, last one here. White, number three:
You have all of Wikipedia in your brain. How would you use this knowledge?

Justin: Ha! Oh jeez – How would I use it – in my brain. So people can only access it by talking to me?

Travis: Possibly – how would you have it if you had it all to disseminate, or to keep to yourself?

Justin: I guess I’d go to places that don’t have access to Wikipedia, and I’d set up shop, I’d travel around, I’d answer anybody’s questions, I’d take a look at maybe what people needed to know to help them to succeed, and I’d sort of share any knowledge I had. I’d also fact-check myself a lot, because Wikipedia needs a lot of fact-checking. So, I guess I’d go online to check Wikipedia to make sure my Wikipedia was right before I did that. But I’d do everything I could to share information with those who needed it, for sure.

Travis: That’s a good, noble purpose. Alright, well thank you for answering my questions!

Justin: Thank you, that was fun!

Travis: I’m looking forward to playing the game some more.

* * *

Be sure to check out the trailer to Albino Lullaby, It doesn’t rely on jump scares or gore, is built from the ground up to work great with Oculus Rift, and is set for initial release on PC through Steam. Learn more about the game here.