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Nosy Bones: Stephen Holland, Page 45

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Nosy Bones is an interview game with questions chosen by a roll of dice! Five questions of a possible twenty come from the interrogatives What, When, Where, Why, and How. Who do I interview for the first edition of the series? Stephen Holland of Page 45, a comic shop in Nottingham, England.

Travis Blair: OK. So you go ahead and roll your dice, and we’ll get your questions. <Stephen rolls> Alright, so blue is two:

You have a bathtub filled with whatever you want, and it’s bath time. What’s in the tub?

Stephen Holland: Champagne. Champagne. Or Prosecco – I’m not greedy!

Travis: Next, great answer, by the way.

Stephen: Thank you.

Travis: Green, number three:

When do you feel your best?

Stephen: When I’m in shop. I love being in Page Forty-Five. I absolutely adore this job. There can’t be many people, who the closer they get on the bus to work, feel better. I walked into town at 4:30 in the morning on a Saturday before now purely because I feel better at work. I adore being at the shop. I adore being with the customers.

Travis: I heard what you said to the other gentleman. He seemed like he really enjoyed coming down to the shop.

Stephen: Yeah! It’s a mutual buzz. I know some shops are very negative, so people leave dispirited. I think this is a positive cycle. You get what you give, definitely.

Travis: Yeah, I agree. So, let’s go with the next one, which is red:

bag of bones 1

The Bag of Bones containing the dice: What, When, Where, Why & How

As ruler of the world, where would your throne be found?

Stephen: Oh, my day! That’s a good one! Venice, purely so I could be there all the time. I adore Venice. It’s my favorite place in the world, other than the shop.

Travis: I’ve not been.

Stephen: The great thing about Venice is that the more confident you are, the more likely you are to get lost.

Travis: Oh yeah?

Stephen: And I think overnight they rotate the city by thirty degrees, a portion of it anyway. So that, even if you thought you were going in the right direction, you’re not. All roads meet at the Rialto, the Realto Bridge. Doesn’t matter where you’re heading, you will end up on the Rialto Bridge. So last time I went, I booked a hotel on the Rialto Bridge so I’d just end up home.

Travis: So you’d get right back.

Stephen: Yeah!

Travis: Good. Next one is yellow, and that is…

Why are love and hate both four-letter words?

Stephen: Hmm, hmm…golly I’ve actually got to think about something for a change. Um, I have absolutely no idea but obviously love is better than hate. I can’t stand hate mongers. I absolutely believe in spreading love, and hate is such a negative thing. I’ll tell you a little personal secret. I was once caught in an anger trap. I thought a friend had betrayed me, and I mulled on it for at least two years. And it brought me nothing but unhappiness myself. Don’t do that – just let it go. Love is everything.

Travis: Good advice. The last one we’ve got here, and that is white. That is number four here.

We each have a robot to help with our daily lives. How would your android assist you?

Stephen: Oh! Oh, Judy (employee) – what do you think? Probably whip my glass of wine away on a regular basis. I’m an absolute drunkard, and a robot with my own interest at heart would A: disconnect me from the Internet, and B: whip that glass of wine away.

Travis: Yeah, probably best in both ways.

Stephen: Yeah!

Travis: I don’t know if that would assist you, but probably for the betterment.

Stephen: I tell you, my followers on – my sympathizers, not followers, I don’t do hierarchy. My sympathizers on Twitter would not forgive me if I did not get drunk every night.

Travis: Entertaining, yes – I’m sure.

Stephen: That’s what they say!

Travis: Well thanks a lot, those are my questions to you.

Stephen: Thank you, mate. Absolute pleasure. You’re a star!

* * *

Page 45 is located at 9 Market Street, City Centre, Nottingham NG1 6HY, United Kingdom. You can find their website here, and and follow them on Twitter here.

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