Aug 17

Quadratum Mortis Interview with Nilay Yuce of Lamagama Entertainment

Quadratum Mortis is an upcoming PlayStation 3 game that I have known little about since I heard of it earlier this year. Knowing only that combat, Move controls, and Latin are involved somehow, I of course have been wanting to know more. I contacted Nilay Yuce, director at Lamagama Entertainment, who shared with me some additional information about this mysterious game.

Travis Blair: I’d like to start by saying thank you for agreeing to answer some of my questions regarding your upcoming PlayStation 3 game, Quadratum Mortis.

Nilay Yuce: It is my pleasure to join this experience, so thanks for inviting.

Travis: I like the name, which to my best guess translates to “square death”. What does it mean, and what does the title say about the game?

Nilay: You are on the right spot, QM means Square of Death, in Latin. The four corners of the square represent the four races of Quadramona Realm: each race has somewhat equivalent attributes, equal chance of survival in fights, like the four corners of a square.

Travis: Could you please summarize Quadratum Mortis? Where and when does the story take place?

Nilay: Quadratum Mortis is a multiplayer 3D action fighting game, which takes place in an imaginary world of Quadramona, where there are 4 enslaved races. Every player will choose their gladiator from these races and they will try to gain their freedom by fighting in the evolving arenas throughout the course of game. Whole game is multiplayer based so that every enemy is another player and players will be able to play with their PSN friends or people all around the world one to one.

Travis: Regarding multiplayer aspect, what can players expect? Is there cooperative play, and if so, is it online or split-screen?

Nilay: For the first version of the game, whole fights will be one to one, competitive. One player should win two rounds to win a fight. In the upcoming versions we are planning to have cooperative play in QM, where more than 2 people will be able to fight together against other teams. In all arenas of game there will be a leaderboard and gladiators will go to higher-ranking arenas according to their performance in the fights. Nobles of Quadramona will set the Champion of the highest-ranking arena free. Besides arena fights, there will be tournaments, which players can attend and gain powerful rewards with the requirement of fulfilling tournament prerequisites. There are additional aspects to multiplayer mode (not as a fighter but as a surprise party that we cannot reveal right now). In the upcoming days, we can give some more sneak peaks to QM.

Travis: One reason I am anticipating Quadratum Mortis is because it takes advantage of Move controls. How will players use their Move controllers? Can players use a DualShock controller if preferred, or even in a multiplayer match using a combination of each?

Nilay: Players use the tool that they enjoy the most to play Quadratum Mortis. Game will support DualShock controllers as well as 1 or 2 Move controllers. The player will control his\her gladiator character that fights in the arena against another real player. The player can choose between distinct fighting styles which are dual wield, two-handed weapons and one shield-one weapon style. For the ease of game play and freedom of fighting characters will automatically aim towards enemy till the attack zone of the enemy.

Players who prefer DualShock controllers will be delighted when they started to fight and realize that they have the same capabilities with Move users. We tried to improve attacking and defending with analog sticks to maximize the DualShock user’s satisfaction.

Users with only 1 PS Move controller can use one handed weapons freely, and for dual wield weapons they can assist Move with DualShock. On the other hand, with 2 PlayStation Moves, players will be able to freely control a sword and a shield or dual weapon. As you can see each controller has its’ own charm.

Players will be able to do several actions with specific movements of PS Move; such as to jump by raising PS Move controllers or to kick or headbutt their opponents by pushing Moves forward swiftly. Dualshock users also can do these actions with specified buttons. These gameplay mechanics also make the game quite enjoyable.

There are no restrictions for matching players like a DualShock user can only fight with another DualShock user in the game.

Travis: What references would you cite as inspiration for Quadratum Mortis?

Nilay: Although whole Quadramona world is imaginary and all characters are fictitious, we got inspiration from historical civilizations like Vikings, Romans, Samurais and Aztec Tribes while developing our story and creating our races. We investigated their histories, main characteristics of people of those civilizations, nature they lived in, architecture they built and their traditions without skipping any detail to make players connect with their characters more. Besides being a gladiator fight, the game is a struggle of these 4 races for freedom. The connection between our races and reality is totally inspiration-based and fictitious and there is no link between ingame events and real historical events in the game.

Travis: Thank you very much for speaking with me! When will game be released?

Nilay: We will be announcing that later on.