Sep 28

Raw Interview With Realms of Ancient War Developer Wizarbox

Realms of Ancient War is an action RPG out this week for PS3 and Xbox 360. I hacked and slashed my way through to speak with Fabien Bihour, CEO of Wizarbox, and Julien Millet, project manager of RAW to discuss the game.

Travis Blair: Thanks for speaking with me and congratulations on the release!

Fabien Bihour & Julien Millet: Hello Travis! Glad to finally launch the game after all our efforts.

GM: RAW looks like a lot of fun. Could you give a brief summary about the game?

Fabien & Julien: RAW is an “action” Hack&Slash on console and PC. The game is about fast paced action allowing you to destroy hundred of monsters running towards you.
Besides, we kept all the depth of the ARPG games, with skill trees and characters customization.

Travis: Why did the team at Wizarbox choose to make a hack and slash action RPG? Are there any inspirations, games or otherwise, that you drew from?

Fabien & Julien: After developing different kind of games as “work for hire” for publisher, we started to develop our own game with the “So blonde” series. But adventure game is a niche market and we wanted to offer a game to a large public.

We have affinity with h&s, RPG and fantasy universe so it was pretty natural for us to develop RAW.

We are huge fans of Baldur’s gate Dark Alliance, we have played nearly any H&S game that has been made since past five years to get a full grip on the genre.

Travis: What familiar themes can players expect? Are you introducing anything new to the genre?

Fabien & Julien: For our first try, we have preferred to stay classical and use the stereotypes of the fantasy universe to bring you a dynamics experience, so we can focus on the gamefeel.

We also featured a new concept: The Incarnation system, which allows you to take control of powerful enemies for a burst of time.
We have designed the game to have something much more action oriented and faster than the other titles.

Travis: I like that RAW features local multiplayer. Can you elaborate on this? Are the hordes of monsters easier to face with a supportive warrior friend?

Fabien & Julien: The monsters are harder because they are dynamically adapted to the number of players. So the challenge is still there. Nonetheless, when one of the player dies, if the other player stay alive for the next 5 seconds, he will respawn. As such, the players stay in the action with a break.

Travis: If you each were suddenly in the game, would you be a barbarian, wizard, or rogue? Or something else entirely?

Fabien: I think I’ll be a Wizard, I love to destroy enemy from distance (who say pussy??) and the FIREEEE power!
Julein: I am a Barbarian, because it is how I manage projects, with a few taunts and a couple of axes!

Travis: I’d like to thank you again for taking the time to speak with me, and thanks to your team for creating this game!

Fabien: Thank you too for letting us talk about the game we were working on for the past years. It is always a pleasure and we hope you will enjoy your experience!

Realms of Ancient War is available now for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, and will be available for PC on 04 October.