Oct 12

Should Apple & Nintendo Join Forces?


For our first general question, we ask: “Should Apple and Nintendo join forces? Why or why not?”

travis blair profile
Travis Blair, Creator of The Zarf: Apple and Nintendo should definitely team up. Apple is known for making great hardware and maintaining a strong ecosystem. Nintendo is known for great first-party software and focusing on family fun over specs.

Though Nintendo systems are fun, they don’t do much more than gaming with regard to household entertainment. I could see Apple making a console that would essentially be the next Apple TV, with the backbone of the Nintendo Virtual Console and famous franchises A bonus would be Nintendo’s Miiverse making good use of Apple’s Game Center. Apple isn’t known for gaming like Microsoft is, so teaming up with Nintendo would be a smart move for both companies.

deano jackson profile
Deano Jackson, Founder/Executive Producer of Geeks of the Round: Honestly, I’m not even sure why this is a question. It wouldn’t make sense for either Apple or Nintendo to team up in any way, shape or form. Neither would have anything to gain here. Apple can sell pretty much anything so long as it has their logo on it (and ask a premium price for it), and Nintendo doesn’t need Apple’s hardware expertise, particularly in the handheld market. Apple and Nintendo teaming up would make about as much sense as a Fisher-Price/Marlboro Cigarettes team up would.

joe gillespie profile
Joe Gillespie, Graphic Designer/Webcomic Creator at 4545 Creative: I don’t see the need for Apple to team with them, but Nintendo might be in need of collaboration these days. I wouldn’t recommend Apple though, I would rather them look for help with Google. In terms of design and creativity, I feel like Google has been leading innovation and that is something that Nintendo is in dire need of lately. One of Nintendo’s more recent successes is Mario Maker. The game’s whole premise is very similar to Google, an open source platform that allows people to customize and create something unique. In many people’s opinion, Nintendo has held the reigns too tightly and not allowed different ideas with their IP. Maybe the success of Mario Maker will let them be a little looser with their platform/characters and allow them to grow their customer base.

bettie page profile
Stephanie Owens, Team Lead of Operation Supply Drop New Jersey: I don’t think Apple and Nintendo should join forces. I think if they were to merge then Nintendo’s products would become overpriced and overhyped pieces of tech. Which is why I don’t really care for Apple products. I did like Steve Jobs for his genius, he was an amazing talent.

shawn long profile
Shawn Long, Editor in Chief at Nintendo Enthusiast: It would be tough to sell me on Apple and Nintendo merging. While their followings are both similar in that the core audience always picks up the latest hardware revision, I think the biggest issue would be within the teams themselves. Nintendo is very old school Japanese rooted, and they probably wouldn’t take kindly to Apple’s thought process. Could it work? Maybe, but it’s something I’d rather theorize about than see come to light.

john hex carter profile
John Hex Carter, Writer: Even if this is something that might happen, I highly doubt it ever will. Historically, the last time Nintendo went in with someone else to do hardware for them, it was Sony and that resulted with what eventually became the Playstation. Since then, they’ve been actually doing hardware really well, being industry innovators and even disruptors.

On the other side of the equation, we have Apple which has also shown overwhelming ability to thrive despite adversity. There’s been rumors of Apple entering the gaming industry as long as the internet has been around and I don’t know if that’d be a smart play for them. They aren’t hurting for money, so why enter a highly competitive industry?

So, to answer the question, I don’t think they should join forces. Both are doing well for themselves in their own separate playgrounds. No need to mess with things.

cami profile
Cami Shim-Marinos, YouTuber: Oooooh. I definitely think it would be in Nintendo’s best interest to AVOID this. I already refuse to pay a premium for the Apple name in other hardware choices of mine, certainly wouldn’t do it for a Nintendo/Apple console when Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox more than suffice.

On the positive note, Apple would make the new Nintendo hardware and software up to par in terms of hardware specs to that of competition. On the flip side it would likely cost $450-500 where Microsoft and Sony sell their consoles for $350… as all Apple products cost more for the name. And that’s also one thing I’ve ALWAYS gave kudos to Nintendo for, their great value. Another flipside is the console would be proprietary for everything. You wouldn’t be able to upgrade your hard drive without buying a new console, you would need to buy special controller charging cables, and many other proprietary assessories.

I’d absolutely scrap Nintendo away if they teamed with Apple. Don’t do it Nintendo…

bill mitchell profile
Bill Mitchell, Writer: A partnership doesnt make sense for Apple. They already have their own eco system; they dont need Nintendo. The eco system is iOS which is just as versatile as Android. They can design their own UI and hardware. The games could be created by users and indie developers. See: Android. Not only that, but the major developers could release the game directly to consumers, cutting out the middle man.

Partnering with Nintendo wouldn’t give Apple an edge – they’re a nearly s 1 trlllion dollar company. They aren’t known for gaming outside of mobile, but neither is Google. Yet EA is producing games for the Android platform. See: Madden 15 (true its limited but potential is there).
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