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SPIbelt with Waterproof Accessory Review

Of the various forms of exercise I try to keep within my routine, jogging is one of the most important. It keeps me limber, helps maintain my metabolism, and it just makes me feel good. I also need to maintain a good run time for the military. One helpful thing to have on my run is my phone. While I try to disconnect, I at times enjoy listening to music. I tried an arm band, but didn’t like the feeling of keeping something wrapped around my bicep. What’s more, I’ve been taking the occasional kayak trip on the lake with my wife and wanted to bring my phone to take pictures. What’s out there to appease this need to keep my things while I’m active? I found it – the SPIbelt, with waterproof accessory.
spibelt 2

Put items in bag, then put bag in pouch.

The SPIbelt (which stands for small personal item) is like if a fanny pack were made with a thin, stretchy material. It is advertised as being a way to carry your phone without it moving around, because the pouch is small yet accommodating. This version of the SPIbelt is basically the standard SPIbelt, with a small attachment inside meant to hold a sturdy plastic resealable bag. After putting it through several trials, I can attest with confidence that is does what is advertised, and does it well. I will outline how it performed in each of the following:

1. Kayaking
My wife and I enjoy renting a kayak once in a while, to spend an hour on the lake. We either both take oars, or she puts hers up and relaxes on the front while I paddle along the water. With the SPIbelt with waterproof accessory, I was able to paddle without concern of losing my phone. I had it in the resealable bag, taking it out to shoot videos for this review and take scenic pictures. It does take a moment to get something out, since it’s first inside the zippered SPIbelt and then sealed inside the waterproof bag. But expediency I need not, as I wouldn’t normally be taking out my phone so often. The website and above picture does show how it can hold a smartphone. I had two phones that outing – my iPhone and my wife’s HTC One. Though not encouraged (more on that later), it is possible if you need to store several things.

spibelt 1

Can be worn around waist or like shown (not me).

2. Running
Out jogging with a buddy, I was able to test how little my phone bounced while in the SPIbelt. I didn’t need the waterproof bag for this, so I removed it. The great thing about this seeming “tacked on”, is that in this case it’s actually a good thing. The attachment inside I mentioned is one of those pull clips that cinch and and grip when pressed and released. It comes attached to two short strings sewn in the inside end of the belt pouch. When the waterproof bag isn’t needed, it can just be removed. Running with the SPIbelt quickly proved its worth. Without any movement, it’s like it doesn’t exist. The belt is a slightly more than how it appears in that each side has an adjustment strap. This, along with the flexible material of the bag, work together to keep your personal items close to your waist. One complaint could be that because the SPIbelt does such a good job, I was concerned about how I couldn’t notice my phone and I felt to check if the zipper was still closed. This is actually quite a good thing, however, since each time I checked the zipper was closed and my phone was safe.

Here’s where I really put the SPIbelt with waterproof accessory through its paces. My wife and I participated in this run, that consists of jogging around an area and jumping – literally – into numerous slippery course events. Keeping just my phone this time, I stopped a few times to take pictures. Here’s where the waterproof bag started to show some wear. The upper grip area, above where it seals, started to tear. Just one side tore, and the bag still sealed properly. I cannot chalk this up as normal wear and tear, since I did intentionally do a lot with this product for the review. Under normal circumstances, I’d suspect the bag would last longer. Also, my hands were wet during the times I was kayaking and at the WIPEOUTRUN from the bubbles.

SPIbelt 5

We had fun zipping down an inflatable slide!

Since SPIbelt does partner with another company for these bags, I’d suggest that the waterproof bag company possibly reinforce the bags at the seam or that SPIbelt include a note with a link for where to get a replacement. It’s a durable bag, but it is a plastic bag that does hold contents being shaken with a seal strong enough to also keep out water. But here’s the thing – I had two phones in this waterproof bag as well as cash and my ID, back when I went kayaking. So while it did eventually start to give, I did go beyond what was stated (and shown above). So for what is intended, the bag does a fine job.


You can order the SPIbelt in all sorts of different styles beyond the standard type and this works fine with or without the waterproof accessory. This type doesn’t come in as big a variety of colors as the standard type, but I’d still recommend it over the type without the waterproof accessory because of how the bag adds a valued feature. I used my SPIbelt during times that I needed to keep things on me, and those things stayed dry. Every time I get ready to run now, I sit down to put on my running shoes and have my SPIbelt stuffed inside one of them. Order one if you or someone you know enjoys an active lifestyle.

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Five out of Five
Reviewed on 08DEC15
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