Feb 21

Stand-Up Comedy Q&A with Ariel Kashanchi

comedy ariel qa

Stand-up comedy is a social event. In today’s age of social media, Twitter brought me to meeting the funny Ariel Kashanchi. I reached out to the comedian for questions!

Travis Blair: When did you first decide to try stand-up comedy?

Ariel Kashanchi: Three years ago when I was a Pilates instructor with a celebrity client who told me I was funny enough to do standup.

Travis: How do you adjust your performance based on audience response?

Ariel: I usually do the jokes I’m most excited about since enthusiasm is contagious. If that doesn’t work I throw tomatoes at them.

Travis: Who have you looked up to for comedic inspiration?

Ariel: I love all the amazing female comedians who have paved the way for someone like me to do comedy but I generally draw from my things that happen to me in my everyday life.

Travis: How has your cultural background affected your stand-up comedy pursuits?

Ariel: I was raised to be a trophy wife and since that didn’t work out for me I made a 180 and decided to pursue a career based on wit and talent.

Travis: If you could star in a sitcom, what would it be about?

Ariel: I would love to do a sitcom about my overbearing Persian parents and combine that with my love of cats. It could be called “Persian Cats”.

Find out more about Ariel on her website, and follow her on Twitter!