Feb 02

Stand-up Comedy – Q&A with Mike E. Winfield


Stand-up comedy is a great way to hear a humorous perspective on a given situation. I find it entertaining both for the jokes, and for how much fun the comedian seems have telling them. I found out about Mike E. Winfield through word of his upcoming performance at the Capitol City Comedy Club (Feb 4-7!). I reached out to him to ask his thoughts on stand-up comedy, because it is apparent that he enjoys his profession.

Travis Blair: What is it about stand-up comedy that keeps bringing you back up to the microphone?

Mike E. Winfield: It’s the last place for un punishable free speech, and it’s liberating. Oh yeah, the money. I love it.

Travis: Does a venue ever affect the performance of your routine?

Mike: A venue can definitely have an affect. Some are more intimate and some are large and theatrical. I feel like a born performer so they all make me tingly inside. I’d perform in a living room or a coffee shop if it’s some people sitting in front of me. I have a lot of ideas in my book and they don’t work just saying them in my head.

Travis: Is there a moment in stand-up comedy that influenced you?

Mike: I’m driven by the love of creativity and I look for it in all genres. I love hip hop, and a lot of well written verses challenges me to become a better artist. I like to get the people talking. I appreciate a joke that’s well done.

Travis: How has your experience on the stage helped you on the screen?

Mike: I’m not sure if performing on stage has really helped me on screen. On screen has made me look at the way I act out a lot of my material on stage. After I began acting, I became more physical on stage. What I mean, is I act out more of my material.

Travis: What makes for a good joke?

Mike: A good joke is one that other comedians look and think, “I wish I would have wrote that.” A good joke is so simple, and often so obvious that people relate in a way that shows that we are all connected somehow.

* * *

Find out more about Mike E. Winfield and his upcoming performances at his website, and follow him on Twitter here.