Feb 10

Stand-Up Comedy – Q&A with Steve Hofstetter

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Stand-up comedy is a fun escape for me, when I seek a laugh through some humorous insight. I encountered Steve Hofstetter on Twitter by way of a funny retweet, and reached out to hear his thoughts on the subject. Steve obliged, and provided me with some good material!

Travis Blair: What is one important thing to consider when crafting a joke?

Steve Hofstetter: So many things. But if I had to pick one, I never say anything on stage that I wouldn’t back up off-stage.

Travis: I’ve seen a lot of stand-up comedy specials on Netflix lately. You have a large following on Twitter. How has modern technology impacted comedy?

Steve: It’s much more democratic than it used to be. No longer do old white guys in suits decide what’s funny. Now, old white guys in suits decide what they can monetize.

Travis: How do you recommend someone deal with a heckler, be it while on stage or during any other public performance?

Steve: Give them the rope to hang themselves. Once the crowd hates them more than you do, you can say the meanest thing you want and the crowd will still think you’re being kind.

Travis: Where have you had the most fun performing?

Steve: I love the Laugh Factory. They support their talent and really make you feel like family.

Travis: What comic would you cite as one of the most influential to your career?

Steve: Bill Hicks.

* * *

See the comedy of Steve Hofstetter at his YouTube page, check out his tour calendar, and find him on Twitter!

Image credit: Steve Hofstetter