Nov 13

Surfron: Windows Defender of the Cyberspace

The Surface Pro is awesome. It reminds me of something else that is also awesome: Voltron.

Surfron logo_6

From versions of long ago

From unchanged regions of the computer

Surfron 1_6
Comes a blog

The blog of Surfron, Windows Defender of the Cyberspace!

A mighty tablet

Loved by mobile

Feared by apathy

As Surfron became Pro 2, peace settled across the SkyDrive

On planet Earth, Windows 8.1 was formed

Surfron 2_6
Together with the good applications of the operating system, they maintained peace throughout the cyberspace

Until a lazy, unproductive menace threatened the SkyDrive

Surfron was needed once more

This is the story of the super force of Internet explorers

Surfron 3_6
Specially trained and sent by the apps for Windows to bring back Surfron, Windows Defender of the cyberspace

Preparing to configure Surfron!

Surfron 4_6
Activate interface!

Magnetometer, connected!

Intel processors, up!

Gyroscope is a go!

Let’s go, Surfron Pro!

Form: dual-angle kickstand and type cover!

Form: pro pen, arc touch mouse, docking station!

And I’ll customize the start!

Surfron 5_6

Words and pictures by Travis Blair.

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