I enjoy reviewing a wide variety of things. Despite the span of unrelated products and services, I like to sum them all up with a score! You know – the thing most people scroll to first. Seriously, though – the review score is meant to sum up how I’ve feel about each product or service.

Review scores have been criticized in recent years. You won’t see fractions, decimal points, pluses/minuses, or algebraic formulas here. That said, you will see something that resembles a five-point ranking system. Rather, what you will see below is based on the individual product or service being reviewed without comparison or a baseline of average. Reviews will also include the date reviewed in the at the end of the article.

Most importantly, consider what I’ve written. If included, watch the review intro video to get an idea of the product or service in action. Then, acknowledge how I’ve recommended it based on the following score system:

good better best quote

This quote is widely misattributed to basketball player Tim Duncan. However, he has said in an interview that his mother taught him this as a “nursery rhyme”. The quote has also been found in a book by Julia Richman, and attributed to St. Jerome. Regardless of the origin, this is a great quote and is the basis for my review score system.

The Zarf logo review score best

A review with the “BEST!” score means you can safely spend money and be happy that you did. This distinction is for that which I believe to be outstanding, and for what I would highly recommend to others.

The Zarf logo review score better

A review scored “BETTER” means that I am impressed, and would advise others to give this consideration. It may have marginal flaws, but they do not get in the way of an otherwise positive experience.

The Zarf logo review score good

The review score of “GOOD” is given to what I enjoy, despite some apparent issues in one form or another. Noteworthy with room for improvement, the decision is likely favorable due to the total package.

The Zarf logo review score rest

A review with “REST” as a score is for what I would deem below average, with some redeemable qualities. Some aspects of it that I could not get past, though, would cause me to hesitate before suggesting to anyone.

The Zarf logo review score never

A review with a score of “NEVER” is identified as not being worth someone’s time or money. After deliberation and for detailed reasons provided, this is for what I would advise against and not support.

Thank you for reading, and remember – most of what is available in this world is pretty cool!
– Travis