Jul 24

Unicorns – Q&A with Gary Clay

I’ve long found an interest in mythology, and with that, mythical creatures. The unicorn is one that has been popular in several cultures throughout history. I decided to discuss the unicorn with Master Horseman Gary Clay.

Travis Blair: As an equine expert, why do you think the unicorn has remained a popular mythical creature throughout history?

Gary Clay: As a young boy I can remember first seeing unicorns in books and movies they were always portrayed as mystical creatures, elusive and beautiful they had large dark eyes that shone with wisdom and kindness. I think horses show many of the same traits, in fact, if one took the time to develop a relationship with a horse perhaps they would feel and know as I do that they are very special creatures capable of healing the soul.

Travis: Would a unicorn even be physiologically possible? I don’t know of any other animals in the horse family with horns.

Gary: I am certainly not a geneticist but myths have some basis in fact and the possibilities of a horned creature would not surprise me. I have the leg bones and feet of a genetic throw back to when Equis was a cloven two toed animal. So perhaps the Unicorn did exist. Let your imagination believe because all things are possible.

Travis: Horses have aided mankind in several ways. If unicorns did exist, do you think people would have regarded them any differently?

Gary: Indeed horses have played a major role in mankind’s development and I believe if the mystical Unicorn were alive today we could learn a better way to live and relate to others.

Travis: Horses are magnificent creatures. What led you to a career in the equine industry?

Gary: I was raised in a family who had and loved horses. I especially became a true believer when I realized how sensitive and affectionate they can be, especially once you have gained their trust. I especially like the Arabian, for their loyalty and beauty. They are truly one of God’s greatest creations and if they had wings…

Travis: Aside from the unicorn, one other legendary creature related to the horse is the Pegasus. Do you think modern transportation would be improved if we all rode pegasi instead of drove cars?

Gary: Pegasus and its majestic imagery has intrigued people for generation. We as a race have often been inspired with the desire for flight and what better way could there be than on the back of a winged horse. In additions, Pegasus leaves no carbon foot print albeit one would need to watch out for falling road apple bombs.

* * *

To learn more about Gary Clay and his 40 years of national and international experience as an equine expert, click garyaclay.com.

Image credit: Urban Outfitters