Jun 01

Velocity Ultra Interview with James Marsden of Future Lab

Velocity, a PlayStation mini – has been remade for the PS Vita as Velocity Ultra. The game is now available in Europe, and those of us in the US are waiting for our shot. Game-Modo spoke with James Marsden, Managing Director at Futurlab, to learn more about the game.

Travis Blair: Thank you for speaking with me! Congratulations are in order, now that Velocity Ultra is available in Europe. When do those in the US get to experience the game?
James Marsden: We don’t know yet unfortunately. The game is still in Sony’s QA process, but it’s something we’re working hard on every day. It will likely be within the next fortnight if all goes well. If all doesn’t go well, it’ll be longer :(
Travis: Could you give us a brief overview of the enhancements that have gone into Velocity Ultra from the original game? What changes were you sure would be included from the start, and what were some decisions made later in the process?
James: We knew we wanted to give the game a visual overhaul. The vector art style was something I wanted to shoot for in the original, but it didn’t work out. The vector cartoony style has been in development for a few years at FuturLab, so it’s a natural progression for us. I also wanted a chance to tidy up the UI flow and pull out the bugs that irked us. Touch screen to teleport and bombs on right stick are also new additions, which were added a result of many fans requesting it, despite me thinking neither were a good idea :)

Travis: So many have enjoyed Velocity, and have subsequently anticipated Velocity Ultra. What feedback have you received since the release in Europe?
James: People have been wholly positive. Our biggest fans have fallen in love with the game again, and new people have fallen in love too. It’s very rewarding to be able to polish a product to a level that we’re happy with.
Travis: What is something you are most happy seeing in Velocity Ultra? Anything specific to the Vita, or any enhancements that didn’t make it in the original game?
James: I’m most happy about the music fading in and out between levels! That really frustrated me about the original game, but we didn’t have time to do it properly.

Travis: I know I completed the Velocity Sequel Questionnaire on your website. Might you have any juicy details to reveal?
James: Regarding a sequel, we really just have to wait and see whether Velocity Ultra is a success.

James: We’re incredibly busy trying to get Velocity Ultra out for North America, and patching an issue with the trophies at the same time. Supporting a game post release is just as stressful as publishing it in the first place :) After that, there’s a ton of stuff happening that I can’t talk about yet, but I’d encourage your readers to subscribe to our website, as that’s where the good news appears first 😀

Travis: Thanks again for taking the time to discuss Velocity Ultra with me! Velocity is a great mini, so I’m sure I’m not alone when I say thanks for creating Velocity Ultra for the Vita.

James: You’re very welcome!