Sep 18

Vigilance Shirt Supports Military Charity

vigilance shirt black
A shirt I designed in collaboration with graphic designer Hilary Storm, is now for sale at Battle Buddy Apparel!

100% of the proceeds go to Operation Supply Drop – a 501(c)(3) military charity supporting active-duty and veteran troops of the United States Military and Her Allies with gaming since 2010.

I’m glad to do what I can to help an organization that does honorable work for my fellow veterans.

vigilance shirt black vigilance shirt green vigilance shirt blue

This design originally came from when I wondered what a logo would look like if all Armed Forces branches were represented. Since my specialty is more that of a wordsmith and thinker of stuff, I reached out to graphic designer friend Hilary Storm. She used her amazing graphical mind-reading powers, and created the awesome image. Thanks again to Hilary, and Battle Buddy Apparel!

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