Oct 27

What are Your Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Reveal?


For this general question, we ask: “What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch reveal?”

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Travis Blair, Writer for The Zarf: “This is the system I’ve been waiting for since I was connecting my GameCube to my GameBoy Advance, and even more than what I’ve wanted my Wii U to do the past four years. I’ve carried different GameBoy handhelds with me, thinking it’d be great to return home and not stare at a small screen in the chair of my living room. I’m excited for it. Had it not been for the marketing missteps of the Wii U, I’d be even more thrilled. But seeing that it’s the Switch and not the SWiitch, I think Nintendo learned their lesson. The Switch is a distinctly new yet familiar system.
What’s fun about it is the versatility. Nintendo Switch certainly fits into my life now more than ever. What I’m waiting to hear about is battery life of the tablet, eShop access with hopeful digital backward compatibility, and whether the specs and ease of development are such to be inviting to larger and indie developers alike. Let’s hope it reaches the commercial success of the Wii, has the creative ambitions of the GamePad-enabled games of the Wii U, brings in nostalgic players eyeing the NES Classic Edition, and even becomes a complimentary system for the “hardcore” Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC gamers out there.”

Jake Guevara, BlueBandanaJake.com “I think the concept is fantastic, it’s a perfect blend of the out of the box thinking and design philosophies of Nintendo, and industry standard familiarity. The design of the console is remarkable what with the many ways one can play for their own comfort being unheard of. At the same time it still functions as the other home consoles do as a platform for third party games. To me, this makes it the ultimate console for accessibility: play any games you want, any way you want, anywhere you want. Its genius.”

Angel Velasquez, AngelDfallenOne “Finally an entertainment gaming system that may rival the PSP. what is really making me curious is what kind of games will be available. I did a little research and found some sources stating the price point will be around 300-350…will it be worth the price tag?”

David Davis, Cosmic Dash “I’m very excited about the possibilities of the Nintendo Switch, particularly because I thought the Wii U was a great idea that was hampered by a low adoption rate. In a lot of ways the Switch looks like it can deliver on the Wii U’s promises and then some. In particular I am excited about the possibility of tossing the system into a bag whenever I travel as the whole system is self-contained. Visiting a friend’s house? I can hook the Switch to the TV, or we can take the system onto the patio on a nice night and play with the two built-in controllers.
Overall, this should be a very attractive hybrid experience which will give gamers a much larger library than many previous Nintendo systems. Now you have the dedicated hand held developers who can easily provide their experience and design skills to a game that can be played on the TV. Rather than Nintendo being pulled between handheld and console development there is now a unified system that will dramatically increase the amount of games available month to month.
We don’t know all of the secrets of what is planned, such as future Amiibo support or what the system’s OS will be, but the design of the Switch itself is incredibly forward thinking and is very much a game changer for the game industry as a whole.”

Jessi Pascal, Geeks Next Door “At first glance, this is like having an iPad Mini with removable controllers. I really like the idea of the portability, and if the processing power is as amazing as what they showed, Nintendo may have something truly amazing. I noticed that they shied away from the same “family friendly” marketing pitches they’ve had in the past and focused on adults of my generation; I have always been a Nintendo fan, and the possibilities of the Switch have me eagerly waiting for any additional news. Those who haven’t gotten a new console within the past 5-8 years are probably watching this very closely.”

Keith Norris, Google+ “When I first seen the Nintendo Switch I was more along the lines of eh. I think because of the rumors kind of deflated the wow factor with most of them being correct. As time passed this concept has grown on me. I believe this thing will be a hit.
It has everything that all types of gamers would want. There are no compromises to how you can play. I think that’s the biggest take away is that the Switch will fit your specific needs as a gamer. The only question now is what games will we be playing? Will we finally get the console Pokemon game of our dreams? Will Nintendo create a VR headset like Samsung VR and strap the Switch to your face? This truly is an interesting device that doesn’t necessarily do anything new but that’s why it’s the Swiss Army Knife of gaming.”

Brett Jones, Arcade Cabinet “In writing the Switch is like everything we could want out of a console right? It’s beefy enough to run skyrim apparently, but able to fit in a backpack. Then you get home and slot it in to it’s nice little nook and you’ve got your home console. That’s some future shit, but remember when the Wii said we’d have 1-1 motion controls and that was basically a lie? We just had kinda junky hand waving that SEEMED like true motion controls. It was something they could never really get right all the way and the underpowered system specs ostracized it from third party developers creating a tiny library of games worth actually playing and a mountain of shovelware. I just hope that this isn’t the case again. I mean, really though all they’d have to do is put a Monster Hunter game on the Switch and they’d get all my money.”
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