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Whooz Review

Whooz is an accessory available for iDevices, specifically the charging cables and earbuds for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. The creator thought of to come up with a way to tell apart multiple cables in the household, in a way that will also add some fun to an otherwise boring necessity to electronics. A roommate might not treat their cables the same, or you could just be particular about such a thing.

Whether your household consists of multiple Apple products or not, a pack of Whooz stickers is a solid purchase. A bonus would be if you have more than one, as shown in the video. I have my iPhone and an iPad. While it doesn’t really matter if my own cables are mixed up, sprucing them up with Whooz stickers adds some fun. I was sent three packs: Heroes, Freaks, and the Originals pack that consists of comical renditions of people. There’s also some that are plain in color, and some of animals. Consider which products you want to want to spruce up, as the devices the stickers are cut for vary depending on the pack.
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Quality and Durability

For those who want to know details of quality, it’s right as you’d expect. The stickers feel similar to vinyl, and are quite durable. Get them lined up properly, which shouldn’t be done in a hurry, and they’ll stay. I did have to pull one off to realign it, and it applied again without any problems. No residue was left after the first stick, and it hasn’t lifted since. I received them a couple months ago, which is part of the reason they are being reviewed now. You won’t spend money on a pack of labels only for them to peel off soon after purchase. One cable stays in my car, and its “slimy” ends have stayed on the entire time. I tend to favor those that use the USB port in the design for the mouth on the bottom as opposed to those “upside down” with a bigger chin and the USB port in the upper portion. But hey – this could just be me.

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There’s a few types of packs to choose from, and though I’d like to see a bit more variety, each pack has a couple that could appeal to different members of the household. I’d suggest adding a sheet to each pack that is just the designs related to the characters, like slime or scales. Anticipating the delivery, I invited a friend to pick a couple for her iPhone charging cables. She choose some she liked, had fun applying them, and enjoyed the fun new characters on her cables. I like seeing these on my cables every time I charge my iPhone or iPad.


No matter which pack of Whooz that you choose, you will have a fun pack of decals to add some personality to those plain cords we see every day. Spruce up how you connect with your electronics with some Whooz!

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Four out of Five
Reviewed on 30MAR15
Provided by Whooz

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