Oct 31

Why Halloween is the Best Holiday


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and this year was no exception. Most special days on the calendar have some strong selling points (presents in a sock on a fireplace!), but none can top the great day that is Halloween. Each observance has its history – a path that led the days to where they are today. I am not looking back at the history of what was once All Hallow’s Evening. My top five reasons below lay out why I think today’s modern (some might say commercialized) Halloween is the best holiday of the year.

The children and young at heart:

This is a holiday where kids can be kids, and adults are allowed to be immature. At my place of work this Halloween, teams of grown men and women were dressed as characters from The Walking Dead and Super Mario Bros. Later that evening, my daughter became a princess. She fit right in on our walk through the neighborhood, asking to hold my hand as we encountered Super Heroes, ninja, baby ladybugs, and other costumed children.

The plotting and conjuring:

We get to be creative, and use our imaginations – during a holiday! I have many fond memories as a child creating Halloween costumes with my dad. With his help and creativity, I have been a giant pizza, a trash can, and an ogre with a kid stuffed in a box, to name a few. Seeing what people come up with for costumes is a lot of fun. Sure, plenty of people just make a trip to the Spirit super store to buy something. At least they’re participating, I say! However, the best costumes will always be those that have been made for the occasion.

The thrills and scares:

Halloween gets to be a lot of things, but what it takes the most pride in is its ability to scare. Haunted houses, horror movies, ghosts, trick-or-treating at night among those wearing spooky masks – this is the holiday that brings the screams. Normally, fear isn’t an emotion that many people seek. The feeling of fright is almost synonymous with Halloween.

The sights and sounds:

The movies are great – for those into scary movies. But Halloween also brings awesome music. Whether someone is a fan of being scared out of their socks, the theme of Halloween is present throughout movies, television shows, music, artwork, and more. This holiday has the freedom to incorporate so much, while still presenting a coherent feel. The media that is inspired from or relates to Halloween is integral in fleshing out the holiday.

The time and season:

Fall is a great time to be outdoors. Barring any rain or other bad weather, it is chilly enough to wear a costume and warm enough to feel good for a stroll. Also, autumn just feels like Halloween. It’s not just a coincidence that pumpkins are ready for picking at this time. The wind picks up, sometimes howling as if it is part of the festivities. The air just feels spooky. The dark feels darker. Halloween, though enjoyed weeks prior to the 31st, is not celebrated in the morning. Dusk welcomes those looking to roam the streets. The moon shines a light just bright enough to invite the shadows.

While my daughter and I were trick-or-treating, we walked past a family leaving their house. The youngest girl saw my daughter and asked if she wanted candy. The girl then realized their front door had already been locked. Without their bowl of candy, the girl instead took candy from her own bag, to give to my daughter. I told the father what his daughter did, which made him very proud. I enjoy many holidays for what they are, but none can hold a flickering candle to Halloween.

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Written by Travis Blair. Illustrated by Nicole Dorman.
Thanks to Nicole for the magnificent medley! Click/tap her name to see more from her.

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